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Imperial Marsh Preserve is comprised of six parcels adjacent to the larger publicly-owned Imperial Marsh, in southeast Lee County. This preserve is a mosaic of cypress swamps, pine flatwoods, oak hammocks, freshwater marshes, wet prairies and pasture lands. This preserve provides important ecological benefits, including groundwater recharge and habitat for wildlife.

The Corkscrew Tract on Corkscrew Road (approximately 10 miles east of Interstate 75) contains a parking/viewing area that provides an opportunity to observe wildlife. An abundance of wading birds often forage in the nearby marsh. There is no designated trail system, as this tract is a sensitive mitigation area. This tract contains lots of standing water in summer and fall during the wet season.

The newest land acquisition, Nomination 567, is a fallow farm field that will be restored to natural plant communities. It will contain a panther corridor and a mosaic of prairie and marshes planted with native vegetation.