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Cherie’s Sweet Treats

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Is there anything better than the smell of cupcakes or cookies coming from your oven? I think NOT! I love more than anything to bake and share my goodies with others. I have baked for such a long time and made a few sales on the side and thought maybe, just maybe I can do this for a living! Guess what??? I do just that!

I moved to Florida and didn’t know anyone so decided I would try out the Farmers Markets. What better way to meet people and bless them with amazing treats? Turns out I am the one that has been blessed. I have the best customers and also made some incredible friends. Our Farmers Markets are the best way to get your product out there. Below is a list of my Cupcake, Cake, Pie and Cookie flavors, however if there is something you want and it’s not listed, just ask! I would be honored to make it for you. I also make Bars, Truffles, Scones Sweet and Savory, Cake Pops and more!

Farmers Markets run from October through April for the most part and a few through May. I look forward to meeting some new friends and can’t wait to see those returning! Call should you ever need anything big or small, we deliver and ship too!