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Traditional Togetherness: Make Your Holidays a Unifying Time - November/December 2021 Publisher's Letter

Nov 21, 2021 07:03PM ● By Daniela J. Jaeger

The wonderful holiday season is finally here! Are you excited? I hope so. This is the perfect time of year to set aside our many anxieties and refocus on higher things. That can sometimes be hard, I know, so let me provide some encouragement. 

Remember that the holidays have always been about togetherness. It’s a time of putting aside differences and enjoying closer relationships. Most of our holiday traditions are built on the foundation of community. Families and friends get together and celebrate, and so do whole communities. Many people haven’t gotten out much these past couple of years—we all know why—so maybe it’s time to visit a community tree-lighting, attend a holiday concert, get back to your community church, or just treat yourself to a special dinner and enjoy festive decorations during your holiday shopping. Sharing this time with family or other people can lift your spirits and re-energize you, so don’t discount the social benefits of the season. 

Maybe you know of someone who needs a friend right now or needs some company. Why not invite them to share some of the holidays with you and your family? Create new traditions of togetherness by making purposeful connections with others and giving the precious gift of time. Our world really needs more of that, and I think you will begin to see we all have much more in common than you may realize. Of course, we all know the rules of safety, first. 

My other encouragement comes from the pages of your favorite magazine. There are stories in this issue that will entertain and inspire you during this annual time of winding down and looking ahead to a new and improved year. 

Need dining inspiration? The renovated Cielo on Sanibel is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Check out the story and make plans for a special holiday meal. We also have articles that might give you some fresh shopping ideas—custom clothing, artistic wood crafts, wine and chocolate, trips inland to new destinations, and so much more. Dive in, and enjoy!   

Whatever you do to celebrate the holidays, it is my hope that you will rediscover traditions of togetherness in new ways. Make it a season of unity. Doing so will ensure that 2021 will end with peace and goodwill to carry us into a healthy and strong 2022. 

I wish you and your families a blessed holiday season and a new year that promises a healthy and prosperous future—another year for which to be grateful. 


Daniela J. Jaeger 
Group Publisher, TOTI Media