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Art in the Era of a Pandemic

Apr 21, 2020 05:14PM ● By Patricia Letakis

“Life inspires art. Art inspires life. My paintings emerge from this dance I do as an artist with paint and color on canvas,” says Pamela Boullier Ross. Artwork and illustrations by the former Fort Myers artist, now based in Palm Beach, have been published on Times of the Islands covers in 1997 and 1998. When asked which of her pieces depicts the effects of the pandemic on the United States, she pointed to “Resist.”

“It is part of a series about social collective consciousness. The painting is a stylistic subtle mix of abstractionism with expressionism engaging the viewer with a medley of brush and palette knife detailed deep texture and buttery oil wax medium,” explains Ross.

A painter, illustrator and designer for the last 30-plus years, Ross describes her work as polymorphic, encompassing a wide range of form, application and style. “Viewers may recognize the hand of a studied classicist in my technique, as well as the passion of an impressionist in my brush and palette,” she says.

Known for the authenticity and originality in each of her pieces, Ross says, “I do not produce multiples of one style, form, subject or genre. For me every canvas is a new journey into the unknown territory of the creative process.”

Visit to learn more about Ross and view the artist’s gallery.