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14-year Bonita Springs Doctor of Dental Surgery Talks Impacting Lives, Community Service, Irma & More

Dec 01, 2017 02:45PM ● By Kevin
Burton P. Golumbic, DDS is run as a partnership practice. Together, Dr. and Mrs. Golumbic (Lizzie) take the time needed to get to know their patients, according to their website. They listen to their patients' concerns with a caring approach. With that in mind, years of experience and good clinical judgments are what they believe set them apart in their field.

We had a chance to catch up with Burt for a special Q&A.

Bonita & Estero Magazine: Tell us a little bit about your dental practice. When and how did it get started?

Dr. Burton Golumbic: I had practiced in The Empire State Building for over 20 years along with teaching at Columbia University’s dental school. It was exciting to work in Manhattan. You meet so many different kinds of people. And then 9/11 came, and it was a tragic time for everybody. My practice literally disappeared overnight because people were afraid to go into the city. So in 2003 I decided to leave the hustle and bustle behind and relocate to Bonita Springs. Along with my wife, Lizzie, also in the dental field for her entire career, we designed and built a brand new office and we are so fortunate to have the most wonderful patients in this beautiful part of Florida.  

BE: What is something we absolutely need to know about you and your business?

Dr. Golumbic: We have chosen to practice very differently from most dental offices. Although the trend these days is the rise of corporate owned dental practices and to delegate much of a patient’s care to auxiliaries, Lizzie and I made a commitment to the philosophy we have both always shared to perform their care ourselves. I am glad that our “staff” only is the two of us. Patients are scheduled one at a time to insure complete privacy and attention. We allow longer than usual appointment time so that I can carefully perform their care even if it is only for an examination and cleaning appointment which I have also chosen to perform myself.

And, I rarely, if ever keep a patient waiting. That is something I have always been a real stickler about. Their time is just as important as mine.

When a patient of mine needs to see a specialist, we make the call on behalf of our patient to make sure they can be seen promptly and I discuss each case with the specialist myself.

I am also a stickler on excellent communication with the specialists I select to work with.

BE: What's been one of your most memorable moments (so far)?

Dr. Golumbic: Impossible to single out one memorable moment. I am so fortunate to have gained the respect of my patients. I am however, most pleased when I am able to complete a very difficult restorative case and see a little tear in their eye, or hear them say I cannot believe this. They say I have written a new chapter in the book. That is memorable.

BE: Do you/your practice participate in any local philanthropy?

Dr. Golumbic: Although our practice keeps us as busy as we like, we make the time to give back to our community. We have been co-founders of the Southwest Florida Epilepsy Walk for the past 7 years. Held each April, it was also started by our son, Danny, who suffers from the disorder.  

With the assistance of The Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, we have just opened an Epilepsy Resource Center if the Naples YMCA on Pine Ridge Rd. People will be able to go there and gain information about the disorder, learn about treatment and medication that are being utilized, and receive names of neurologist in our area. I am proud to say that our son Danny will be there much of the time to help guide people.

When Danny was first diagnosed we feared that time away from the office for doctor appointments might affect the practice, but just the opposite was the case. Our patients have become a part of all that. So it just goes to show you the wonderful respect we have for each other.

BE: What are your goals for the future? Where do you see it headed?

Dr. Golumbic: We look forward to practicing for many more years in our office that truly feels like it is home for us.  We have a firm commitment to retain all of the philosophies of individual care that has made our practice very special.

BE: How has recovery been after Irma? Is there anything you'd like our readers to know?

Dr. Golumbic: We were very fortunate to have very minor cosmetic damage to the office. We utilize very sophisticated technology in the practice and we were so fortunate that there was no damage.

BE: Anything else we should know about?

Dr. Golumbic: What perhaps sets our practice apart, is the amount of time and detail we put into thinking about the best care for each patient. It’s the way I have always practiced, and the way I always will.

Give Burton P. Golumbic, DDS a call at 239-498-9666 or visit their website to learn more.