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Bonita & Estero Magazine

Bonita & Estero: September/October 2017 Issue

Aug 28, 2017 02:39PM ● By Kevin
This month, we celebrate man's unlimited capacity for creative expression. They say that art is in the eye of the beholder, and we aim to give you "an eyeful" of it - painting, architecture, dance, music and more. Plus, we explore design trends as well as fashion. If creativity is your thing, this issue will both satisfy and inspire.

Read some of our top stories below.

Enjoy reading our previous digital issue.

Quinn Miller Euphoria 2016 digital photograph 20x30 Photo courtesy of Quinn Miller

John Loscuito, FGCU Gallery Director Wants us to Appreciate Artwork, Discovering Happy Surprises

John Loscuito knows the nuances of artwork―form, composition, intention and medium―his instincts structuring exhibits that encourage gallery viewers to appreciate what they’re seeing. Read More » 


A juvenile wood stork in the Cecil M Webb Wildlife Management Area in Charlotte County Photo by William R Cox

Wood Stork Upgraded From Endangered to Threatened in 2014

The wood stork (Mycteria americana) is the only species of 19 storks worldwide found in the United States. Read More » 


Following rehab Marcus Thomas began painting with a watercolor kit His collectible work now sells in galleries Photo courtesy of Marcus Thomas

Meet Marcus Thomas: Artist Inspires, Passion Guides his Amazing Work

Artist Marcus Thomas uses his mouth to control the paintbrush to create exquisite artwork. He shared insights with TOTI Media. Read More » 


Centers for the Ar ts Bonita Springs has some thing for most e veryoneworkshops kid cla ssescamps gifts live theaterplay contests dance photography a f ilm festival comedy music pa inting pottery exhibits chef competitions the Ar tPoems event and much more Photo courtesy of Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs

Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs: Expressing our Creativity, About Film Festivals, Art Exhibits and Fun

Dating to the 1950s, Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs is a venue for visual and performing artists to learn, to view other work and to show their own. Read More » 


Fit for Fashion Ready for Life Five Designers Leave Their Mark on SW Florida - Aug 28 2017 0232PM

Fit for Fashion, Ready for Life: Five Designers Leave Their Mark on SW Florida

TOTI Media highlights five designers in Southwest Florida who contribute to the creative community. Read More » 


Art Gallery Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at FSW State College

Florida’s Creative Class: Their Work Helps Drive the Economy, Thousands of Jobs at Stake

In Lee County alone, the creative class produces $140 million in annual activity—supporting thousands of jobs and generating some $18.8 million in government revenues. Read More »