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Meet Local Artist Marcus Thomas: Passion Guides his Amazing Work

Aug 28, 2017 02:18PM ● By Kevin

Following rehab, Marcus Thomas began painting with a watercolor kit. His collectible work now sells in galleries. Photo courtesy of Marcus Thomas.

Golden Flight. Image courtesy of Marcus Thomas.
Marcus Thomas started painting in 1986 after an accident had left him paralyzed. He uses his mouth to control the paintbrush to create exquisite artwork.

Thomas and his wife Anne divide time between Southwest Florida and North Carolina.

Marcus Thomas shared insights with TOTI Media.

TOTI Media: What is art’s function?

Marcus Thomas: “As a painter, art has kept me engaged in this fast-moving world we all share ... it has provided a fresh platform for sharing my passion for life through the creation of paintings that spin stories or simply glorify the beauty of an iconic object.

“After a neck-breaking snow-skiing accident, I was left with a compromised diaphragm, making communication with a weak voice difficult … the paintbrush has become my new voice, which continues to grow in strength. The unique power of art is the ability to stimulate all my emotional senses, reminding me that regardless of my paralysis, I am very much alive!”

TM: An artist’s biggest challenge?

MT: “Remaining honest and passionate towards the quest for unique expression … the demands of making a living with your art can certainly cloud perspective ... rising above commercial limitation is paramount to create stimulating paintings. Let passion guide!”

TM: Has art changed the way you see things?

MT: “Eyes wide open describes my day perfectly ... inspiration seems to lurk everywhere ... books, movies, backyard, music lyrics, travel, daily news, dreams … I will never be short of ideas.”

TM: Advice for young artist?

MT: “Follow your heart, be passionate when creating. This applies to all forms of art. When starting, don’t let unrealistic expectation slow your journey, frustration and disappointment should be a motivator. At the end of Michaelangelo’s illustrious career, he said he was disappointed because he was just getting the hang of it.”

Written by Craig Garrett.