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Bonita & Estero: May/June 2017 Issue

May 22, 2017 09:55AM ● By Kevin
Home is truly where the heart is, so we've packed the May-June issue of Bonita & Estero Magazine with ideas that will inspire you to express yourself in your home, no matter where that happens to be. From the latest home decor trends to gardening and landscaping tips to creative ways of spending time as a family, this issue is guaranteed to make you feel good about where you live.

Read some of our top stories below.

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Lee VS language arts teacher Liz Kroll reviews writing expectations with high schoolers Photo courtesy of Lee Virtual School

Alt Ed - Lee Virtual School’s classroom-free education evolves and expands

Lee Virtual School’s original enrollment of 47 students stealthily rose to 328 full-time and 3,564 part-time students in kindergarten through 12th grade this year. Read More » 


William and Marie Selby left their Sarasota home and grounds

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens - Marc Chagall in bloom, historical exhibit runs through late July

Sarasota’s Marie Selby Botanical Gardens saw an opportunity to explore the Russian-French artist and his work in a way that had never been done. Read More » 

Kingfisher Genus fossils dating back 2 million years have been found in Alachua County Florida Photo courtesy of William R Cox

Belted Kingfisher - Common August through February on Sanibel

The belted kingfisher is the most widespread kingfisher in North America. Easily recognized by its repeated feeding dives, large head crest and rattling call. Read More » 


Crafting Spirits at List Distillery - A story behind every bottle at local distiller - May 27 2017 0922AM

Crafting Spirits at List Distillery - A story behind every bottle at local distiller

List Distillery opened its doors to the public last July and has been on a roll ever since. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of The A Cappella Group

Perfecting the Pitch - Elite Cypress Lake performers, popular before Hollywood hoopla

Since 2003, Cypress Lake High School in Fort Myers has been the home to TAG, or The A Cappella Group. Read More » 


Photo by Ann Marie OPhelan

Gardening With Our Little Sprouts - Your child’s outdoor nursery, valuing work, her field of greens

Gardening is a rich opportunity to share with your kids, instilling patience, self-reliance, the hard lessons of work and rewards. Read More »