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Trees for the Seas

Planting in Cape Coral

Let's meet up, plant trees and talk Trees for the Seas! Please join us in planting trees to combat water pollution. It is heartbreaking what we've seen this summer on our precious shores of the SW Florida coastline. Many folks aren't aware, a huge benefit of trees is slowing rain runoff and funneling water into the soil. It's one of the top five ways to fight water pollution. Join us next Saturday the 11th at the corner of Skyline and Veterans in the Cape. We'll be planting a lot of trees and want to speak with the community about riparian planting and what it means for the fight against water pollution.

If you can't make it but like what we're doing, please share the event with your friends in Florida. Thanks!

Date & Time

August 11, 2018

8:00AM - 11:00AM