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Refreshing and Guilt-free: Cutting the Calories in Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails create a dilemma—how can we have our cake and drink it, too?

Why Telemedicine Matters: How an Aging Population can Benefit From the Remote Delivery of Health Care Services

People are living longer because infectious disease has been generally contained, while new families are having fewer children.

Concierge Medicine - A Fresh Approach To Restoring And Building Your Doctor-patient Relationship

Doctors cutting out the insurance middleman and working directly with and for the only one's who matter: the patients.

Forward Thinking - New Cutting-Edge Health Campus

Hopes and expectations are high for the new Lee Health campus, soon to be a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art health and wellness destination.

Area Senior Facilities Inviting All Ages to Join Activities, Events

As senior living centers evolve into comprehensive communities, families of clients figure prominently in the social and business plans.

A Few Tips Toward a Healthier Lifestyle from FGS Organic Markets' Store Manager

There isn’t a better time than now to start getting fit with health information and products so easily accessible. We share advice, plus bonus tips from a local resource.

A Few August 2017 Solar Eclipse Viewing Safety Tips from NASA

August 21, 2017 will mark a total solar eclipse, which is when the Moon completely covers the Sun, will occur across 14 states in the continental U.S.

We Are What We Eat, Drink, Breathe: In the Fields & Kitchen with Chef Kristina San Filippo of the Purple Spoon

If you have purchased from the Purple Spoon: a Culinary Hub in Bonita Springs, you know Chef Kristina San Filippo’s philosophy on local foods.

Back to the Roots: DIY backyard farming, California firm’s grassroots push

California-based Back to the Roots today sells herb, veggie and sunflower kits, all edible, easily grown in a back patio and part of the urban/sustainable farming movement.

2017 Health & Wellness Guide for Bonita & Estero Magazine

From Enchanted Ballroom Group Classes and learning yoga at Fusion Yoga & Wellness, to healthy eats at A Table Apart, you'll find a few ideas in our 2017 Health & Wellness Guide.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Bonita and Estero Florida.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Bonita and Estero Florida.

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