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Florida Hurricane Season 2017: Up to 9 Hurricanes Expected

Jun 12, 2017 10:54PM, Published by Kevin, Categories: Local Living

The Village of Estero reminds residents and visitors to take proper safety precautions during inclement weather. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there will be "an unusually active 2017 hurricane season" for the Atlantic Basin, with five to nine hurricanes expected to form.

"Everyone should have a family emergency plan in place and hopefully you won’t need to use it," the village's website says. "All households should have an emergency supply kit for your family and pets, with enough supplies to last at least 3 days without power."

Here are some quick tips, thanks to the Village of Estero's Hurricane Preparation page:

  • In case of an emergency, always call 911
  • To report a power outage, call Florida Power & Light at 1-800-468-8243, or click here
  • Estero Fire Rescue, 21500 Three Oaks Parkway, will have sand bags available for those who need them
In certain situations, emergency shelters are opened by emergency management officials. Here is a list of addresses/locations around Lee County:

  • Estero Recreation Center, 9200 Corkscrew Palms Blvd. (pet friendly)
  • Estero High School, 21900 River Ranch Road
  • Germain Arena, 11000 Everblades Parkway
  • Alico Arena, 10501 FGCU Boulevard S., Ft. Myers
  • Three Oaks Elementary, 19600 Cypress View Drive, Ft. Myers
  • Three Oaks Middle School, 18500 Three Oaks Parkway, Ft. Myers
  • Fort Myers High School (pet friendly), 14020 Plantation Road, Ft. Myers
The county put together an emergency supply checklist. Here's a list of items you will need in case of emergency:

  • Sleeping Bags and/or Pillows and Blankets
  • Lawn Chairs / Folding Chairs
  • Hot and Cold Weather Clothing
  • Sturdy Closed-toe Work Shoes (not sandals or flip-flops)
  • Raingear
  • Personal Hygiene (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, etc.)
  • Medications (Prescription and Over-The-Counter)
  • Spare Eyeglasses or Contacts and Cleaning Solution
  • Hearing Aid (spare batteries)
  • Entertainment (cards, books, quiet games, MP3 player, batteries)
  • Baby / Infant Needs (Diapers, Formula, Baby Food, Cereal)
  • Drinking Water (one gallon per day per person for 7 days)
  • Non-perishable Food
  • Manual Can Opener
  • Juice / Soft Drinks / Instant Coffee or Tea / Dry Milk
  • Camp Stove, Grill (with fuel) Outdoor Use Only
  • Lighter/Waterproof Matches
  • Pots / Pans / Cooking Utensils
  • Aluminum Foil Disposable Plates, Cups and Cutlery Plastic Wrap / Zip Lock Bags / Garbage Bags
  • Cooler for Food Storage (Wheels make moving easier)
  • Cooler to Transport Ice (Wheels make moving easier)
  • Freeze water in jugs or zip lock bags to keep food cool
  • Spare Keys (complete set for home, vehicles and boats)
  • Pens / Pencils and Paper
  • Important Papers Keepsakes / Significant Photos Coins, Cash, Credit Cards and/or Travelers Checks
  • Prepaid Telephone Card(s)
  • Maps and Evacuation Information
  • Books, games and other quiet entertainment
  • NOAA Weather Radio
  • First Aid Kit and Instruction Book
  • Landline Telephone (does not require electricity or batteries)
  • Battery Powered Television, Radio and Clock (extra batteries)
  • Flashlights (extra batteries)
  • Chemical Light Sticks (to replace candles)
  • Whistle (to signal for help if needed)
  • Basic Tool Kit (hammer, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, etc.)
  • Specialized Tools (for water or gas valves, etc.)
  • Plastic Tarps (with grommets) or Roll Plastic Sheeting Assorted Screws, Nails and Other Fasteners
  • Duct Tape Canvas or Leather Work gloves
  • Unscented Bleach (for clean-up and to disinfect water)
  • Water for Cleaning Assorted Cleaners, Sanitizers and Disinfectants
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Brushes, Brooms and Mops
  • Towels and Rags
  • Plastic Garbage Bags
  • Bucket (with tight fitting lid) for Emergency Toilet
  • Toilet Paper / Paper Towels / Sanitary Supplies
  • Wet Wipes and Waterless Hand Sanitizer
  • Water (one gallon per day for seven days for each pet)
  • Cage or Carrier for Each Pet
  • Food / Treats Toys / Comfort Items for Each Pet
  • Clean Up Supplies for Each Pet
  • Identification / Immunization Records / Photographs for Each Pet
Finally, click here for Lee County's 2017-18 "All Hazard Guide." Information courtesy of the Village of Estero and Lee County.

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